As we know, laser therapy has already been widely used on human beings for different kinds of treatments in dermatology, otolaryngology, orthopedics, cardiovascular, gynecology, anorectal, atomatology, physiotherapy and etc. However, have you heard of dog disease treatment with dog laser therapy machines? Along with the continuous development of laser technology, the Class IV laser therapy machine has already been successfully used in countless veterinary hospitals or pet clinics for treating a great variety of dog diseases. Hereof, we will make a comprehensive discussion of dog laser treatment-related information with you guys.

I. What Is Dog Laser Therapy?

Dog laser therapy is a kind of noninvasive veterinary treatment method that uses laser beams to stimulate cell regeneration and increase blood circulation in dogs, thereby achieving therapeutic goals for reducing inflammation and pain. Dog laser therapy was developed decades ago and it has been proven with great clinical treatment effects in various diseases. Currently, dog laser therapy is getting more and more popular in vet clinics and has gained high recognition among pet owners.

pet laser therapy with berylas laser

II. What’s The Working Principle Of Laser Therapy For Dogs?

By using a dog laser therapy machine, the laser therapy optimizes and promotes the healing process by stimulating multiple levels of tissue regeneration mechanisms. Under the stimulation of different wavelengths of laser light, the local increase of reactive oxygen species is repaired by generating additional ATP, thereby accelerating the metabolism of the cells and repairing the biological functions of the damaged cells. This series of effects by laser irradiation also increases the activity and yield of some growth factors, including platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF), fibroblast growth factor (FGF), vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), keratinocytes, growth factors (KGF), and transforming growth factors (TGF). These processes also stimulate the efficiency of angiogenesis and the transport of substances in the blood, promoting the oxidation of the wound. It also improves collagen deposition and formation, increasing local tension resistance. This laser therapy principle applies to a wide variety of dog tissue problems such as wound management, skin diseases, periodontal diseases, and so on.

high power laser therapy principle

III. What Dog Diseases Can Be Treated With a Dog Laser Therapy Machine?

Dog laser therapy machines can output visible or invisible lasers with good directionality and high energy density. When the laser beam is output after focusing, the high temperature generated by the focus point can vaporize the target tissue, which can be used for cutting and cauterization, and can vaporize or cut the skin tissue and benign tumors of the ear, nose, and throat. If the laser is not focused, the energy density is low, and the target tissue can be coagulated. If the laser beam is diffused and output, the energy density is lower, and it can be used for irradiation therapy for dogs.

Dog laser therapeutic machine has a special effect on a variety of dog diseases, so it is widely used in pet hospitals around the world. Dog therapy laser machines are often used by veterinarians to treat dog arthritis, hip dysplasia, back pain, degenerative disc disease, muscle damage, ligament strain, tendon injury, post-operative trauma, and granulomatous resection. There are also some experienced senior pet hospitals that use dog laser therapy machines for the treatment of gingivitis, skin eczema, large-area wounds, anal gland infections, and ear infections. In addition, dog therapy laser machines are also commonly used in pain management treatments for older dogs to reduce pain of dogs.

diseases treated by dog laser therapy machine

IV. Will My Dog Feel Painful During The Laser Therapy Process?

Before laser therapy for dogs, many people may worry that it will bring pain to dogs. However, the actual situation is the opposite.

In the typical laser treatment procedure, a laser handpiece is applied to the area to be treated. Depending on the area and energy used, a laser treatment process may require 10 to 20 minutes. During the process, it is not necessary to scrape off the dog’s hair of the treated area, and also not necessary to clamp the area or inject an anesthetic, because the laser treatment process is not painful and the dog will not be arrogant. Conversely, laser therapy treatment can make the dog feel good when the pain and inflammation have been reduced gradually. Usually, the dog will lie down and relax quietly, some dogs will even fall asleep during laser treatment. During the process, veterinarians, medical staff, and dogs need to wear special goggles.

V. Does The Laser Therapy Bring Side Effects To My Dog?

Currently, there is no known side effect of dog laser treatment that it is considered by veterinarians to be one of the safest and most effective treatments, especially in the treatment of inflammation and pain relief area. However, treatment near the thyroid gland or in the eye area needs to pay great attention as it is very powerful and may irritate the thyroid gland or cause damage to the eyes. During the treatment procedure, the dog will feel a warm feeling in the treated area or have a tolerable tingling sensation.

It is worth noting that the dog laser therapy machine cannot be used at home, and can only be used by veterinarians who have clinical experience or training experience.

VI. What Are The Advantages Of Using a Dog Laser Therapeutic Machine For Treatment?

Compared with traditional surgical and medical treatments, dog laser therapy has the following advantages:

. Faster healing speed in surgical wounds or traumatic wounds.

. Promoted metabolism of specific tissues.

. Reduced formation of scar tissue.

. Reduced bleeding during treatment.

. Improved immune regulation.

. Enhanced nerve function and nerve regeneration.

. Obvious reduction in pain and swelling.

. Accelerated healing of infection.

VII. Is There Any Clinical Experience In Dog Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy was experimented on humans 40 years ago, and its clinical treatment history has been around for many years. After decades of technological development and experience accumulation, laser therapy and dog laser therapeutic machines are mature and can be safely used to treat many diseases of dogs.

According to the report “Clinical use of a 15-watt diode laser in small animal surgery: Results in 30 varied procedures” which was made by Dennis T. Crowe, Jr., David Swalander, Donald Hittenmiller, and Jenifer Newton, laser therapy has been proven to be very simple and safe to use, with excellent hemostasis. Compared with traditional surgery, laser treatment can shorten the operation time and significantly reduce the amount of bleeding, and accelerate wound healing with less inflammation.

animal laser therapy machine

VIII. Recommendation Of Professional Laser Therapy Machine For Dogs

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