Dimed 15-30mm Physiotherapy Head

15-30mm Physiotherapy Head

15/20/25/30mm adjustable, for physical therapy

  • Suitable for contact and non-contact physical therapy.
  • Advanced therapy handpiece provides the best therapeutic effects and outcomes.
  • Spot size: 15mm/ 20mm/ 25mm/ 30mm adjustable
  • Aluminum alloy exterior
Dimed 30mm Glass Ball Head

30mm Glass Ball Head

For physical therapy

  • Comfortable glass ball for contact physical therapy.
  • This can be pressed on the skin surface to irradiate deeper tissues.
  • Effective for pain relief, reduction of inflammation, and tissue healing.
  • Spot size: 30mm
Dimed 100mm Physiotherapy Head

100mm Physiotherapy Head

For hands-free physical therapy

  • This can be fixed on a bracket for non-contact therapy irradiation. Release the doctors’ hands for unattended physical therapy.
  • Spot size: 100mm
Dimed L-type Glass Ball Head

L-type Glass Ball Head

For physical therapy

  • L-type design is easy to hold. Effective for pain relief, reduction of inflammation, and tissue healing.
  • Comfortable glass ball for contact physical therapy.
  • This can be pressed on the skin surface to irradiate deeper tissues.
  • Spot size: 30mm
Dimed 7mm and 3.5mm Bio-stimulation Head

7mm and 3.5mm Bio-stimulation Head

For physical therapy

  • Bio-stimulation Head can be used for wound treatment, speed up wound healing, prevent infection, and relieve pain.
  • The curved tip allows easier access to cavities such as the ENT.
  • Can be used to biostimulate acupuncture points.
  • Spot size: 7mm / 3.5mm
Dimed Focus Head

Focus Head

For spider vein removal

  • Spot diameter: 1mm, 2mm, and 3mm adjustable
  • This head is ideal for non-invasive treatments, especially for spider vein removal.
  • Stimulate the dermal collagen growth while vascular treatment, increase epidermal thickness and density so that the small blood vessels are no longer exposed, at the same time, the skin’s elasticity and resistance are also significantly enhanced.
  • No scars.
  • Fast and easy treatment.
Dimed Nail Fungus Head

Nail Fungus Head

For nail fungus

  • Spot size: 5mm, 6mm, 7mm adjustable
  • Continuous output power from Dimed Laser avoids spikes of high power and enables a gentle treatment. The energy is delivered in precisely metered amounts into the nail bed creating pain-free warmth for your patients.
  • Does not harm the nail or skin.
  • Shoes and nail polish can be worn immediately after treatment.
Dimed Whitening Head

Whitening Head

For teeth whitening

For teeth whitening/bleaching, contoured to treat an entire quadrant of teeth consistently and comfortably.

  • Spot diameter: 38*12mm
Dimed Fiber Tip Holder with Disposable Fiber Tip

Fiber Tip Holder with Disposable Fiber Tip

For soft tissue surgery

This set allows for more control and flexibility during treatment. It can be used in surgery, periodontics and endodontics and veterinary, etc.

  • Compatible fiber for tips: 200/ 300/ 400/ 600/ 800um
  • Length of fiber tips: 6cm, 13cm, 130cm, 200cm
Dimed Gynecological Handpiece

Gynecological Handpiece

For LVR – Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

LVR can restore and transform vaginal anatomy and anatomical function for a more ideal sexual experience. It is a gynecological plastic surgery. During surgery, the diameter of the vaginal canal can be adjusted. The procedure also can restore, tighten and improve the overall tone of the vaginal walls.

  • Head Dimension: Φ25mm*135mm(L)
Dimed Surgical Handpiece

Surgical Handpiece

The system uses our full range of bendable needles for better access to all areas and all surgical conditions like ENT(ear, nose, throat), proctology, gynecology, lipolysis, etc…

  • Compatible with different types of fibers and cannula.
  • Surgical handpiece length: 142mm
  • Needle 18G, 13G
  • Needle Length: 30mm/ 60mm/ 80mm/ 120 mm/ 150mm/ 200mm/ 250mm
Dimed Lipolysis Headpiece

Lipolysis Headpiece

For lipolysis treatment

It can melt fat and suck it away simultaneously, avoiding melting fats blocking the probe, and increasing the lipolysis efficiency.

  • Compatible with different types of fibers.
  • Handpiece length: 137.2mm
  • Needle length: 122mm
Dimed PLDD Kit

PLDD Kit (Y-valve and Puncture Needle)


The sterile kit includes 2 sizes of 18G needles (length 10cm/15cm) for your choice of entry, and a Y-valve allowing fiber entry and suction. The Y-valve and needles are individually packed to enable maximum flexibility in treatment.

Dimed Disposable Medical Proctoscope

Disposable Medical Proctoscope

For hemorrhoids treatment

Allows easy insertion and better visibility, and protection for the doctor and patient from cross-contamination.

Dimed EVLT Kit

EVLT Kit (Introducer Set)

  • The introducer set includes a standard introducer sheath, guidewire, and introducer needle.
  • The introducer set introduces a guide wire or catheter percutaneously into the vasculature by means of an introducer needle. Only physicians trained in percutaneous, and endovascular techniques and procedures could use this set.
Dimed Bare Fiber

Bare Fiber

Our optical fibers are made of silica and provide a wide wavelength range, good optical transparency, excellent high-temperature resistance, low absorption, and reduced scattering losses. It‘s ideal for surgeries in the below conditions: Urology/Gynaecology/ENT/Pneumology/Orthopaedics etc.

  • Types: 200um, 400um, 600um, 800um
  • Fiber length: 3m
  • Connector: SMA905 connector
  • Sterile (EO) packaging
Dimed Radial Fiber

Radial Fiber

For interventional surgery treatments like Varicose veins/EVLT/Lipolysis etc.

360° Radial fiber affords the ideal endovenous thermal ablation. It is possible to evenly introduce the laser energy into the lumen of the vein and ensure the closure of the vein based on photothermal destruction.

  • Types: 400um, 600um, 800um
  • Fiber length: 3m
  • Connector: SMA905 connector
  • Sterile (EO) packaging
Dimed Conical Fiber

Conical Fiber

For interventional surgery like hemorrhoids/Urology etc.

Conical fibers are used for grade 3 and 4 abnormal hemorrhoids. It is used for gentile coagulation and contraction of the tissue in the pile of hemorrhoids. Side effects on the anal sphincter and intestinal mucosa are minimized.

  • Types: 600um
  • Fiber length: 3m
  • Connector: SMA905 connector
  • Sterile (EO) packaging
Dimed Fiber Cutter

Fiber Cutter

The Fiber Cutter uses a specially designed carbon steel blade for easy, manual cleaving of fiber surfaces. This tool is used with the “scratch and pull” technique. First, the fiber is scribed perpendicular to its length, then the fiber is pulled, which breaks at the scribe.

  • Length: 135mm
  • Blade width: 6mm
  • Blade composition: Carbon steel
  • Fiber types: 200-800um, bare fiber
Dimed Fiber Stripper

Fiber Stripper

For stripping buffer coating to expose the fiber

  • Versatile, suitable for different diameters of fibers.
  • Fast, reliable, and durable fiber stripping tools, are very easy to use.
  • Pre-set at the factory—no adjustments needed.
  • Will not scratch or nick fiber.
  • Comfort-grip, ergonomic handles
  • Suitable for fibers: 200um, 400um, 600um, 800um…
Dimed Fiber Cleaner

Fiber Cleaner

For cleaning connectors of fibers and cables

Press the button, then gently rub the fiber ferrule on the cleaning tape a few times to clean it. Easy to use and efficient.

  • Made of high-density textile fiber, no need to add alcohol, and no static electricity.
  • Cleaning tape can be replaced and is very economical.
  • Suitable for Connector: SMA905/SC/FC/ST /LC / MU/ E2000/ MPO
  • Dimensions: 124mm*83mm*35mm
  • Cleaning time: >500 times
Dimed Fiber Inspection and Cleaning Kit

Fiber Inspection and Cleaning Kit

The fiber microscope produces excellent details of scratches and contamination of fibers. It’s for critical examination of polish quality. And fiber connector cleaner is used to clean the connector of fiber.

The kits include :

  • Fiber Microscope Optical Magnification options: 100X, 160X, 200X, 320X, 400X
  • Fiber connector cleaner
  • Dust blower
  • Alcohol pads
Dimed Safety Goggles for Human

Safety Goggles for Human

Designed to protect human eyes from laser exposure

  • Conforms closely to the forehead which prevents laser radiation from entering the top and sides
  • Soft frame conforms to facial characteristics
  • The glasses frame can be telescopic
  • Provide excellent peripheral vision
  • Optical type: (1) 190-450nm & 800-1100nm, (2)190-450nm & 800-1700nm, (3) 450nm & 650nm & 976nm
  • CE Certified
Dimed Safety Goggles for Animals

Safety Goggles for Animals

Designed to protect animal’s eyes from laser exposure during laser treatment

  • Kit includes three sizes to fit most pets’ body sizes from small cats to large dogs
  • Optical type: 190-450nm & 800-1100nm
  • CE Certified
Dimed Laser Wireless Handswitch

Wireless Handswitch

Unattended mode allows patients to control laser light and treatment process via wireless handswitch, so everything is under control even if the doctor is not around.

  • Full set includes handswitch, electrical access key, and battery.
Dimed Foot Switch

Foot Switch

Medical grade foot-activated switch is in line with the common technical requirements of the IEC60601-1 standard.

  • IP68, Anti-oil, water-proof, dust-proof, IEC/EN60529 compliant.
  • The unique anti-pull design avoids poor contact caused by multiple drags.
  • Maximum protection against unintentional actuation at minimum dimensions.
  • High stability, plug-in connector.
Dimed Laser Carrying Case

Carrying Case

  • Thick plastic carrying case with egg foam and customized groove foam can protect medical equipment and all accessories very well.
  • Shockproof, high stability, suitable for long-distance transportation.
Dimed Laser Professional Trolly

Professional Trolly

Make your laser equipment transportable

  • Our budget-friendly mobile carts can protect your laser machine during movement.
  • It provides a central location for the storage of safety goggles.
  • Simple and rugged design, durable.

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