In the process of daily exercise, physical activity, and work, due to excessive exercise or excessive force, it is easy to cause sprains, strains, contusions and etc. to the joints or tendons, such as tennis elbow, ankle sprain, achilles tendonitis, neck pain, synovitis, ligament tear, etc. Once the body is injured, if it is properly treated in time, it can restore health quickly, greatly reducing the complications in the later stage; if not handled properly, it is easy to cause infection, prolong the treatment time, aggravate the pain, and may cause disability. In this article, we will share an effective treatment method – laser therapy for tennis elbow and sports injuries with Class IV laser therapy equipment.

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I. What Is Sports Injury And Tennis Elbow?

Athletic Injuries refer to various injuries that occur during exercise, such as sprains and contusions. The damage site is related to sports and special technical features. For example, the injured parts of gymnasts are mostly wrists, shoulders, and waists, which are related to the support, shoulder shift, jumping, and tossing in gymnastics.

Tennis elbows occur mostly in tennis players and javelin throwers. The pain is caused by a chronic tearing injury caused by repeated force on the forearm extensor. The patient feels pain in the affected part while gripping or lifting the object.

Damage caused by sports injuries can cause damage to cells that make up soft tissue. The chemicals released by these damaged cells cause natural inflammatory reactions in the body, causing redness, swelling, fever, and pain in the injured area. Persistent or recurrent inflammation can make athletes susceptible to early-onset arthritis or joint degenerative changes.

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II. What Types Of Sports Injuries Can The Class IV Therapy Laser Machine Treat?

– Acute and chronic pain

– Ankle sprain

– Neck pain

– Back pain

– Bursitis

– Sputum pain syndrome

– Tennis elbow

– Golf elbow

– Achilles tendinitis

– Chronic joint pain in the elbows, wrists, and fingers

– Repetitive strain

– Plantar fasciitis

– Shoulder injury…

III. What’s The Principle Of Sports Injuries Laser Therapy Treatment?

Depending on the conditions and goals of the treatment, the laser pulse can be adjusted to penetrate deeper and more aggressively into the skin tissue. With a large device that emits multiple laser panels at a time or a handheld device for a smaller target area, the light energy will pass through the skin layer to cells and tissues that cause pain and inflammation. The laser device is placed against the skin on the treated area. The light energy can be absorbed and converted into biochemical energy that stimulates cells. This activates the natural healing process of the cells, reduces pain, increases blood flow, and stimulates tissue repair.

Laser therapy can ignite enzyme production, stimulate mitochondria, increase vasodilation and lymphatic drainage, ATP synthesis, and enhance collagen-forming substances to prevent scar tissue. This is a key step in reducing chronic amyotrophic myofascial pain syndrome.

principle of class iv laser therapy

IV. What Are The Advantages Of Laser Treatment For Sports Injuries?

1. It has unique advantages for treating tennis elbow and other kinds of sports injuries, very effective.

2. Laser therapy causes vasodilation and activates the lymphatic drainage system, fighting inflammation and eliminating pain.

3. Laser therapy treatment accelerates tissue repair and cell growth, speeding up the recovery of sports injuries.

4. It is of non-invasive or minimally invasive treatment with no pain during treatment.

5. Non-toxic without known side effects.

6. It has been proven effective by clinical studies.

V. Recommendation Of Laser Equipment For Tennis Elbow And Sports Injuries Treatment

The Class IV Therapy Laser of Dimed Laser Technology is an outstanding laser for sports injuries that has already been successfully used in many countries such as America, Canada, China, Mexico and etc. for sports injuries and tennis elbow therapy treatment.

The high-power Class IV therapy laser can also be used for treating arthritis, bone spurs, golf elbow, herniated discs, neck aches, muscle strains and etc. This tennis elbow therapy treatment laser machine has an intuitive user interface, a small compact design, and multiple operating methods, and wavelengths. To get more functions and features about it, please visit this page.

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VI. How To Prevent Sports Injuries?

1. Arrange the exercise load reasonably. Please strictly abide by the principles of sports training according to age, gender, health status, training level, and the characteristics of various sports to arrange reasonable exercise load step by step.

2. Adequate preparation activities. Preparing activities can increase the excitability of the central nervous system, increase the number of capillaries in the muscles, and increase the strength, elasticity, and flexibility of the muscles. At the same time, it can improve the function of the joint ligament, increase the synovial fluid in the joint cavity, and prevent damage to muscles and ligaments during exercise.

3. Gradually arrange the content and intensity of the training. If you are a person who does not exercise regularly, you must not perform high-intensity exercise as soon as you are on the court.

4. Prevent local overburdens. Excessive concentration of exercise during training can cause a local burden on the body and cause excessive sports injuries. Therefore, monotonous one-sided training methods should be avoided in training.


If you have sports injuries, be sure to seek medical advice promptly and take care of your exercise load. If you are a doctor or medical supplies distributor, please check out our Class IV physiotherapy laser machine as it has significant effects on sports injuries and tennis elbow treatment.